Publisher’s Weekly Review

DEATH AT THE FAIR was submitted to the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award in Fall of 2007.  As a semi-finalist, a Publisher’s Weekly reviewer provided a review:

As in THE DEVIL INTHE WHITE CITY, this yarn takes place in Chicago during the 1893 World’s Fair, and like in that nonfiction bestseller, murder intrudes on the city’s cultural uplift with surprising consequences. Emily Cabot, one of the first female graduate students at the University of Chicago, invites her mother and brother to join her in the city to attend the fair along with her teacher Dr. Stephen Chapman.  At the fair, Chapman turnspale as a ghost when he tuns into a woman who turns out to be an old flame. When her hustand is killed, and Chapman is found by the body, it is up to Emily and a rotating cast of advisors-some recognizable from your history texts, some not–to free him. The novel is well-written and without major flaws ..

The positive review was one of the reasons I went ahead to do the BookSurge publication of the book.  Especially since I have two more sequels in draft!!


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