Take a tour of the White City

There are a number of interesting websites about the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition.  But one of the most fun is the UCLA project that provides an online simulation.  Try it and you can actually take a tour through the very places Emily Cabot and her friends walk through at the Fair!


Another fun site was developed by the ECUIP project, a joint project between the University of Chicago and Chicago Public Schools.  In includes an interactive map:


There is also a lecture by Professor Neil Harris of University of Chicago, but it is limited to Chicago Public Schools and UChicago:

Neil Harris, a Professor of History at the University of Chicago lectures on the history, politics, and architecture of the Columbian Exposition. Listen to his lecture or read through the transcript. NOTE: This resource is only accessible by CPS or UofC networked computers

Check it out!

And another great sites with wonderful pictures if hosted by the Illinois Institute of Technology at:


And there’s another online tour, published in 1996 at:


The front page explains:

This hypertextual thesis explores the Exposition through a virtual tour, investigates visitors’ reactions to the Fair, and analyzes the social, polictical, and cultural legacies of the World’s Columbian Exposition.

Check it out!!!


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