Allium Press Launch Party

On Sunday Jan. 10 we had a Launch Party for Allium Press and DEATH AT HULL HOUSE.  Allium Press has also put out an edition of DEATH AT THE FAIR.  It was a fun party and many thanks to Augie and Tracey at Centuries & Sleuths Bookstore for letting us have it there.  We had wine, cheese and some 1890’s cookies and brownies baked by publisher Emily Victorson herself.  It was so much fun we need to get another book out just to have a party!!!  Thanks to all for coming.


One thought on “Allium Press Launch Party

  1. Please tell Frances McNamara I truly enjoyed meeting and now her Emily Cabot historical adventures at the World’s Fair and Hull House. I await going to Pullman through her eyes. Tell her to consider a tale about one of (in)famous day trip ship disasters that occurred in our Chicago waters around Emily’s Time.

    Tell Augie to keep up the good work in finding fresh voices in our area’s writers.

    Good luck to Allium Press as well.

    P.S. I presume that you are contacting the libraries such as Highland Park that do book signing evens. THANKS AGAIN

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