Borders Mount Prospect Oct. 16 2 PM

Women’s Eye View of Chicago at Turn-of-the-Century
This is a panel that Emily Victorson of Allium Press will chair. Joan Naper, whose novel Beautiful Dreamer is published Sept. 1 and I will talk about the women who were models for the fictional and sometimes real women in our books. We’ll also talk about places in Chicago that were important to the type of women we describe. It was a fascinating time for women who wanted to do something more than fit in pre-defined roles. Chicago was a thriving, growing place where women found new opportunities, as did men. It seems to us that often the only thing people think about when they think of Chicago is Al Capone and other gangsters. There was a lot more going on in Chicago and some of it has been forgotten. We’ll remind you of some things you might not know.

The presentation will be given for the first time at the Borders in Mount Prospect Oct. 16 at 2 PM. After that, Emily at Allium Press will offer to do it in other places. Contact Emily if you’re interested.

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