I’ll be attending Bouchercon with Emily Victorson of Allium Press. I’m on a panel Saturday Sept. 17 8:30-9:30 AM Panel RELEASE ME : Finish your Research and Write Your book. Hotel room location: Majestic A,B,C
Panelists: Sasscer Hill (Moderator), Dan Johnson, Frances McNamara, Judy Moresi, Roberta Rogow, Nancy Means Wright.
I’m busy reading books by folks on the panel. Part way through FULL MORTALITY, Sasscer’s book about horse racing in MD. Also part way through Nancy’s MIDNIGHT FIRES with Mary Wolstonecraft as the protagonist. I’ve started Dan’s THE DETROIT ELECTRIC SCHEME set in 1910 when there were electric cars. Need to get to Judy’s WIDOWS WALK and Roberta’s THE PROBLEM OF THE SURLY SERVENT which has Holmes and Watson as protagonists. That sounds like fun. Say hi if you attend.


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