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“Mystery authors Claire O’Donohue, Frances McNamara, and David Walker explored the reputation of Chicago and why it is a great backdrop for mystery novels Saturday afternoon. Chicago has a reputation for having corrupt politicians and a high crime rate…”


What Makes Chicago a Great Place for a Murder? handout from ALA

What Makes Chicago a Great Place for Murder?

Sisters in Crime Chicagoland panel for Mystery Day! American Library Association Chicago


 June 29, 2013 12-1 PM  Pop Top Stage



Gumshoes and other Professionals. David Walker, author of the “Wild Onion, Ltd.” series, featuring a Chicago wife/husband private eye team, as well as two standalone thrillers, Saving Paulo (set in Chicago and Brazil) and Company Orders, his latest book, in which an ordinary Chicago priest is inadvertently caught up in a possible CIA “regime change” operation in South America.

Sarah Paretsky:  Chicago P.I., V.I. Warshawski

Michael Harvey:  Chicago P.I., Michael Kelly

Sam Reaves:  Chicago cops, the Dooley family; and cab driver Cooper MacLeish

Tim Chapman:  Chicago forensics examiner, Sean McKinney




Amateurs and Cozies. Clare O’Donohue, Author of Kate Conway mysteries and Someday Quilts mysteries.

Clare O’Donohue. Kate Conaway mysteries. Most recent is Life Without Parole. Every day is the same for Kate Conway – a dull television show to produce, take-out, reruns on the TV and a worried call from her sister, Ellen. Ellen feels – everyone feels – that Kate has not gotten on with life since the death of her husband six months earlier. So when Kate is offered two TV shows – a documentary on prison inmates and a reality show set in a high end restaurant – she jumps at the chance. But a murder at the restaurant and two killers in prison may get the better of Kate, as she rushes to find her footing before being “buried at work” becomes all too real

Sharon Fiffer. Jane Wheel mysteries

Barbara D’Amato. Cat Marsala mysteries.



Historicals and Flashbacks.  Frances McNamara. Author of the Emily Cabot mysteries featuring a University of Chicago graduate student in the 1890’s.

Nineteenth Century

Robert Walker. Inspector Alistair Ransom series 1890’s.


Nancy Wikarski. Gilded Age Chicago History Mysteries.



World’s Columbian Exposition 1893

Alec Michod The White City


Steve Hochensmith. World’s greatest sleuth! : a holmes on the range mystery.


D.M. Pirrone. No Less in Blood. Flashbacks to 1893 Columbian Exposition



Keith Miles. Merlin Richards mysteries 1920’s. works with Frank Lloyd Wright.


Joan Bard Collins.  1880’s. Former Pinkerton friend of Louis Sullivan. First in series due out later in 2013.


1930-40’s and Century of Progress World’s Fair 1934

Max Allen Collins. Nate Heller mysteries. 1930’s to 1960s.


Robert Goldsborough. Snap Malek mystery series. 1930’s to 1940’s.



Kris Nelscott. Smokey Dalton mysteries 1960’s.


Libby Ficher Hellman. Set the Night on Fire.  Flashbacks to 1960’s.



Alzina Stone Dale. Mystery Readers Walking Guide: Chicago. (2002).