Cook Memorial Public Library District Tues. March 10 DEATH AT CHINATOWN

I’ll be at Cook Memorial Public Library District Tuesday night to do a presentation about Chicago’s Chinatown as portrayed in DEATH AT CHINATOWN. There’s so much more interesting history than can be covered in a novel. The two young Chinese women doctors that Emily meets were real women who had important careers back in China. The 1890’s were a time when American young people like Emily were working on progressive reforms for social ills. At the same time in China young people were going abroad to study and returning with ideas for reform that eventually led to the fall of the Ching dynasty and the 1911 Revolution. At a time when China is once again reaching out to the rest of the world, it’s a good time to remember the struggles that were necessary to reform a society with such ancient roots. It was also a time when Wang Chin Foo was an early activist for Chinese American rights despite the harsh laws that sought to prevent immigration from 1882 until 1943. So it’s a great topic!


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