Death at the Paris Exposition is PUBLISHED!

As of September 1, the sixth Emily Cabot Mystery is available.


Also as ebook  Kindle, Kobo and NOOK

Praise for Death at the Paris Exposition

“The 1900 Paris Exposition provides a glittering backdrop for murder, theft, and high fashion… Historical detail, intriguing real-life characters, and a complex mystery…”—Kirkus Reviews

“McNamara’s charming sixth Emily Cabot mystery captures the Art Nouveau ambiance of Paris during the opening of the World’s Fair of 1900. The first key scene, set in the hallowed fashion house of the couturier Worth, demonstrates that the author is a dedicated follower of fashion…Historic figures, such as the impressionist painters Mary Cassatt and Edgar Degas…mingle easily with the fictional cast. Rapacious mothers, intent on seeing their offspring married to titled Europeans; jewel thefts; and murder accessorize the plot.” —Publishers Weekly

 “I really enjoyed this well-written and well-plotted mystery. Emily is a strong female; she reminds me a little bit of Rhys Bowen’s Molly Murphy (one of my favorite historical mystery solvers!). She’s intelligent and intrepid, drawn to solving mysteries, yet she is a wife and mother and loves her family and her job.” —Beth’s Book-Nook (blog)


Trade Paperback • ISBN 978-0-9967558-3-2 • $16.99

Ebook • ISBN 978-0-9967558-4-9 • $6.99


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