Works in Progress

DEATH AT THE PARIS EXPOSITION. In 1900 Emily and her family have the chance to attend the great Paris Exposition. Recruited to assist Berthe Palmer who is the only woman commissionner for the U.S. exhibits, she gets to visit the famous city. A visit to the House of Worth fashion house, politics among the American expatriots, and meeting American Impressionist painter Mary Cassatt all add to the experience. But when the family of her patroness, Mrs. Palmer, is drawn into a murder investigation, Emily is bound to help the woman who has done so much for her.

Happy to say this book is complete and at the presses. Emily at Allium Press has sent out advanced copies, and I’ll be sending some out for review too. This is a fun book to research. Beautiful fashions, and the art work of Mary Cassatt.

And for the 1900 Paris Exposition itself, I found some great youtube videos of moving pictures actually taken at the fair. One of the best is a whole French TV show from last year when there was an exhibition in Paris about that exposition.

1900 Paris Exposition


Pinterest-badge-36pxWalking suit

and also a ball gown

Pinterest-badge-36pxEmily’s ball gown with cherries


I will be starting to work on a contemporary mystery with some characters from Boston, while waiting on review of this the sixth Emily book. I will have a short story in the Malice Domestic collection to be published this year and that will introduce a new character.

Sure would like an excuse to go to Paris again though!


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