Book 1 Death at the Fair

Death at the Fair Cover
Book 1 Emily Cabot Mysteries

In the first book of the Emily Cabot Mysteries, Emily has completed her first year as one of the first female graduate students at the University of Chicago. When her mother and brother come to visit the World’s Columbian Exposition, their festivities are interrupted by the shooting death of a southern man in one of the exhibits. Emily’s friend Dr. Stephen Chapmen is accused of the murder, and she enlists the aid of Ida B. Wells to track down the roots of the crime in a lynching in the past. The world’s fair, Chicago politics and the new University of Chicago provide a backdrop for this book which introduces Emily Cabot and Detective Henry Whitbread as well as the city of Chicago in the 1890’s.

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Praise for Death at the Fair

“As in The Devil in the White City, this yarn takes place in Chicago during the 1893 World’s Fair, and like in that nonfiction bestseller, murder intrudes on the city’s cultural uplift with surprising consequences. The novel is well written.”

Publishers Weekly

“Pay-to-play politics, an Olympic-sized plan to keep Chicago on the world’s stage and plenty of Irish cops and bureaucrats around to preserve, well, the order of things in this big city.
Sounds like a collection of headlines from today’s papers, but these are the actual story lines moving through Death at the Fair, which chronicles a fictitious murder mystery exposing the underbelly of the very real World’s Columbian Exposition in 1893.”

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