Author’s Reception at Oak Park Public Library

OPPL hosted a reception for authors in the Oak Park area.  Emily Victorson of Allium Press of Chicago had a table and I attended as well.  DEATH AT THE FAIR and DEATH AT HULL HOUSE  were features.  We met a bunch of fun authors and some folks in publishing.  I was asked to come to one of the reading groups at the library, mystery readers, and I said sure.  Thanks to OPPL for hosting this and inviting us.


12 Readers in Search of a Book bookclub

In January the bookclub met to discuss DEATH AT HULL HOUSE. Great input and some interesting questions, like what does Emily look like and what’s up with the romance.  Such good input I have Ros reading the draft of DEATH AT PULLMAN before it goes to editor Emily Victorson at Allium Press of Chicago.  Hope to have that out with answers to some of those questions by the end of the year.  A good time was had by all.