Book 2 Death at Hull House

Death at Hull House
Book 2 Emily Cabot Mysteries

In Book 2, Emily Cabot has been expelled from the University of Chicago. Her mentor, Marion Talbot, sends her to Jane Addams at the famous settlement house to redeem herself. But when a man is found beaten to death in the octagon room on Christmas Day, Emily must seek the truth through the smallpox ridden West End sweatshops and brothels and into her own family’s past.The hustle and bustle of Hull House and the tragedy and violence of the tenements teach her to understand her own ambitions and desires and to clear her brother of suspicion.

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Praise for Death at Hull House

“Details concerning the operation and the people of Hull House, along with an overview of the deplorable living conditions faced by immigrants (and the lack of concern for the poor expressed by the city’s businessmen and politicians) give this novel a rich historical framework, made all the more poignant by the portrayal of the smallpox epidemic of 1893.”


“This fast-paced, enjoyable historical mystery does an excellent job plunging readers into the hubbub of activities at Hull House and the chaos resulting from the spread of smallpox. There’s a lot going on at once, but the many plot threads are laid out cleanly…Readers should come away from Death at Hull House with newfound respect for the women social reformers of the late 19th century, and the difficulties they faced creating a bridge between the two halves of Chicago society.”